Who is el debarge dating now

18-Jun-2020 09:10

Bobby was not a bad person, he simply suffered in life like all of us, and myself included.

Bobby was a very sensitive young man according to those who knew him.

The Debarge children, their mother, and father know whether or not there was sexual abuse at the hands of Robert Debarge Sr. As for the rest of the world, we will have to take each member of the Debarge family for their words concerning the allegations.

If Chico say Daddy Debarge sexually molested his own children we have to accept that because Chico was there in the house.

"Robert was very jealous," she said with a sigh, "and an extremely abusive father." They stayed together 21 years before divorcing in 1974.

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Bobby had a beautiful falsetto voice, and it was his voice that made switch so popular. The Debarge children are bi racial Robert Debarge Sr.

Daddy Debarge said he never sexually abused any of his children then we have to accept his word unless some solid evidence outside of his children’s own words comes forth.

El Debarge currently has 10 children; he had his first child when he was 14 years old.

Only Bobby really knew the truth, and if he told someone or people how he got AIDS, it is, those people whom he felt comfortable telling.

They may reveal or not reveal that Bobby told them how he got it.

Even before the Debarge came out in the 1980s they had two older brothers named Bobby and Tommy who were members in a music group named switch.