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02-Jan-2020 03:37

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Why the fuck would someone need to tip someone who quoted a price, did the job for the price quoted.What are they tipping for, the fact that they did what they were hired to do?Unfortunately for Wright, the reception he got from Diary of a Wimpy Kid faithfuls wasn’t particularly encouraging, and the type any budding actor would like.The Diary of a Wimpy Kid fourth installment was returning after five years and while should have been enough reason for utter excitement despite any other circumstance, the fact that it returned with a recast didn’t sit quite well with the fans who vented out their frustration on poor Wright who replaced their favorite character Rodrick Heffley.The only way I would tip a prostitute would be if I hired him to come to my house and do a specific act.

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Wisely, the new Rodrick has since remained quiet about the criticisms.

You pay so they shut the fuck up and if they babble no one else will hire them. All the gay dudes here, who are into the gay scene and are a part of that world, literally feel somehow bisexuality, etc somehow doesnt exist because they orbit cock 24 7 is silly. What you guys are forgetting is that the BIG stars are set up with the HOTTEST OF HOT up and coming actors through their agents and sometimes studio big wigs.

You don’t usually need an HR degree to secure a job in the profession, as most employers will consider graduates of any university course.… continue reading »

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I always just dated white men because I’m white and that seemed the thing to do.… continue reading »

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