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Gene Krupa 1941-45: Lana’s love of music was one of the things that had briefly attracted her to Artie Shaw.

During the war she enjoyed late night jam sessions with a lot of well-known musicians and dated quite a few of them.

Taylor’s wife, Barbara Stanwyck, was informed of the goings on and headed to the set to tell Lana to back off.

But when Taylor confided that he was prepared to divorce Barbara, Lana backed off of her own accord.

He met Lana while they were making (1941) and their relationship developed to the stage where they were briefly engaged to be married.

Marriage did not eventuate and he would later wed the gorgeous Cyd Charisse in 1948.

1942: Struggling actor Stephen Crane met Lana in 1942, they dated briefly and quickly wed in July.

But Stephen’s divorce from his first wife was not yet finalized.

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The highly jealous Lamas took umbrage at Barker asking Lana to dance and a violent altercation ensued.She was quickly pregnant to him and desperately wanting to become his wife.