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And for one of Wayne’s “Hardball” collaborators, Zane Copeland, Jr., a/k/a Lil’ Zane, that struggle to be seen as a serious artist has now lasted a decade into his adulthood.

Although the now 29-year-old’s contemporary music is more representative of actual adult experiences than the then idealistic rhymes about making his “Money Stretch” that he spewed out on the two albums he recorded as a teenager, 2000’s , (and his delivery is sans the amateurish 2Pac-inspired flow that drew the ire of Hip Hop heads), Zane is viewed by many listeners and artist peers alike to still be a lil’ in over his head when it comes to rhyming.

Two of those self-appointed critics of Zane’s mic skills, Game and Tyler, The Creator, have recently taken it upon themselves to let the world know just how wack they think Lil’ Zane is. Goblins” collaborators were each captured on camera either slandering or mocking a man who they probably haven’t listened to in almost a decade, let alone any of his recent recordings , like Zane’s surprisingly solid mixtape (which was notably released the same week Game decided to throw his “friend” under a bus driven by DJ Vlad).

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So, that’s the one mistake I made: responding back. And then when I heard about him and the Chris Brown beef, I was like, “Okay, that’s just what he does.And once I saw the videos I’m like, “Okay, this guy seems like he’s having fun with it, but I’m the subject of his funniness.” So as far as Tyler, I just felt like he was being real disrespectful. ‘Cause, it just seems like he’s real young and just don’t give a fuck, out there just saying [whatever] comes to mind.It got to a point where I felt like he was being disrespectful, so I had to put him in his place. So I’m just like, “Okay, do that to them other niggas, but don’t do that to me.On Wednesday (January 4th), Zane spoke to Hip Hop DX to explain his reasoning for responding to Tyler and Game via song and not in kind with his own series of stinging tweets or on-camera commentary.

And a few weeks removed from the Valentine’s Day release of his newest mixtape, the rapper so many seem to love to hate explained why the obsession with Lil’ Zane is still going strong a dozen years after his debut. I’m not a troublemaker; I don’t go around starting things. And if somebody tries to degrade my character or my craft, the way I was raised up, my pops taught me if someone hits you, you hit ‘em back. DX: What spurred the song finally being recorded though?

I was dealing with a new baby, my mom and my pops was going through some stuff, so I had family issues at the time.