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28-Oct-2019 10:23

I think my favorite Know Your Meme episodes are "Autotune" which guest-starred Weird Al Yankovic -- that was an exciting day in the office -- and "Om Nom Nom." Otherwise, I like the "Rollercoaster Chess," "Geddan" and "Sexually Oblivious Rhino" memes.Tell people something they wouldn't know about yourself.I also make sure I haven't worn the same clothes in a recent video and sometimes Leah D'Emilio and I get all hopped up on sugar!

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My new employer was tumultuous at best and "Minnesota Nice" was well, not so nice.

His knowledge, warmth, and kindness kept me going even on days when I missed my West Coast home.

He worked out next to me on the treadmill at Flagship Athletic Club and told me to go that extra mile.

A friend here in Los Angeles saw my post on Facebook today about Bill and reminded me of the fun we all used to have...as a host, she as a viewer. I know this wasn't Shop NBC approved, but it made me laugh.

Each morning at AM, Bill would drop by the set and hide. He would hide behind desks, cameras, the set, just to keep life interesting in the wee hours of the morning.

The best advice I could give is to develop your personality and to network.