Why dating a coworker is a bad idea

30-Jan-2020 13:54

Mental tension is not what you need when you already have to deal with office work.

If your guy is your boss and you are getting promoted for all your professional, hardworking reasons, you are soon to be termed as a person-who-dates-boss-to-get-a-raise from your fellow office mates.

So, save yourself from embarrassment and stop seeing him. You have to see him every single day unless you work kilometers away.

If he is in your office every day, you have to forget looking normal.

It may look like you are playing a normal hi-bye game in front of others, but you are unaware that the normal conversations of yours are dripping with love-like signals.

Obviously, your other colleagues are smarter and they will figure out that you are dating. There is not much you would have to explore about each other because, practically you have been meeting each other from the very first day you joined.

Either you or your guy are soon to become bored with each other’s company.

You will not have a lot of things for yourself or about yourself. Your face will tell it all, whether you are happy, sad or angry.

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You would have to make sure that you look good everyday because it is a compulsion.You will never be appreciated genuinely for your hard work.

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