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The forty-five-year-old black man wiped his brow and reached for his cowboy hat.

He paused for a second and looked at the Sheriff insignia on his hat.

Inauguration night, Cynthia and Melody were lost in a beautiful moment of interracial lesbian lust.

Their lips locked, each tongue danced with the other trying to scoop... It’s now the headquarters of the Integration Project, a state-funded iniative that seeks to help mostly young black men get a foot on life’s ladder, so to speak. It offers sports activities, educational courses and social events”. The Bollus Institute was an educational and cultural center out Rawlings way.

by Erotic Writer That photo above was taken by me on the Colorado River many the year ago. I didn't have my model pulling her shoulders back in that shot unfortunately, so not the best photo of her ever taken for sure. by Erotic Writer Sheldon laughed and climbed onto the bed. No, don't stop,just go....." "Lady, you have sharp fingernails!

Lying down beside Mary, he said, "First we have to get it in, then you can say I was your biggest." "Yes, yes," Mary exclaimed as she stared up at that huge black cock. I want you to." As Sheldon fondled her breasts prior to fucking her, he added: "And then after I get it in, you can say I made you cum." "Mmmmmh! " Conducting Her Business With The Black Conductor Summer, 1943...

She knows I am glad I encouraged her as I did and now she understands a bit more of it too.

I feel that same rush, that same intense sexual thrill, that same shiver up my back each time we use a condom together.

Since the crimes in the county were few and far between, he spent most of his time assisting and helping the good law-abiding folks of...

City Goes Black Volume 1 Part 2 City Goes Black is a collection of stories in the late days of White Pine before it had changed its name.

A predominately-white city has an abrupt change of culture when it elects its first African-American mayor.

Neither of us had ever been to a swing house before so when Tina phoned me about 11 pm, I eagerly drove to the ordinary looking Victorian house in a residential area.

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Barry, the proprietor answered my knock and when I told him I was there to collect Tina, he invited me in (no charge) and told me she was “upstairs in a public room”.

This is the second part of an origin story about the community college.

It seems as if Eric Brady is soon going to tell his feeling to Nicole Walker.… continue reading »

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Now you might think this one incident is a small thing.… continue reading »

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There are about 25 Government-based and Educational sites that report cases on different scams occurring in Ghana.… continue reading »

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