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24-Dec-2019 12:50

You may choose to apply a rule to permit HTTP RANGE requests for the following URLs: *.download.**ws.If you cannot permit RANGE requests, keep in mind that this means you are downloading more content than needed in updates (as delta patching will not work).

The most common reasons for this error are described in the following table: As updates for a component are released, the updated component will supersede an older component that is already on the system.

If a proxy was configured in Internet Explorer (User level) but not in Win HTTP (System level), connections to Windows Update will fail.

To fix this issue, configure a proxy in Win HTTP by using the following netsh command: If downloads through a proxy server fail with a 0x80d05001 DO_E_HTTP_BLOCKSIZE_MISMATCH error, or if you notice high CPU usage while updates are downloading, check the proxy configuration to permit HTTP RANGE requests to run.

The update that is offered to a device depends on several factors.

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Go to and ensure that Windows Firewall Service is enabled.Check the related articles about the package in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) to make sure that you have the prerequisite updates installed.