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04-Aug-2020 17:21

This makes it impossible to imagine a purely local context or public for anything that anyone creates today.

It also de-centres the idea of the global from any privileged location.

No one can be immune to the storms that shake the world today.

What happens down our streets becomes as present in our lives as what happens down our modems.

With everything that comes to our attention we have to now ask - 'what obstacles did it have to cross to traverse the threshold of our considerations' - and while asking this we have to understand that obstacles to attention are no longer a function of distance.

The Internet also alters our perception of duration.

We are all accountable to, and for, the things we have written in emails or posted on online fora.

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The significance, worth or import of one's statements is no longer automatically tied to the physical facts of one's location along a still unequal geo-political map.

The public for our work, for any work that positions itself anywhere vis-a-vis the global digital commons is now a set of concentric and overlapping circles, arranged along the ripples produced by pebbles thrown into the fluid mass of the Internet.

Artists have to think differently about their work in the time of the Internet because artistic work resonates differently, and at different amplitudes. Nothing that takes place anywhere in the world and is communicated on the Internet is at a remove any longer.

This changes our understanding of the public for our work.

We cannot view our public any longer as being arrayed along familiar and predictable lines.

Conversely, no matter how important a statement may have appeared when it was first uttered, its significance is compromised by the fact that it is ultimately filed away as just another datum, a pebble, in a growing mountain range.

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