Wow armory not updating my character

24-Aug-2020 09:35

wow armory not updating my character-90

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They also broke the armory, 90% loading screens, vp and raid resets, gaze buff not working etc etc.

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At the same time, I completed all raids for MOP expansion in (LFR), and all of them are updated at the armory. I can’t say that it’s a character or armory bug because it doesn’t want to show that this raid only is complete in the armory, and blizzard should fix this at the armory.

Another hour and the progress hasn't moved one bit. I tried to restore to a previous setting and it seems to get stuck restoring. I slide, and now its a white screen and black logo instead of the opposite but still gets stuck. My fear for restore is that i forgot to turn off find my phone on both i Phone. Disconnect icloud from your phone via the internet and then put in recovery mode and restore completely. To update your i Tunes on windows 7 open i Tunes and Press ALT and then a bar at the top will pop up, press help and then search for updates.… continue reading »

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