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Greymane dismissed these concerns, stating with confidence that the Gilnean army could withstand any threat.

While most of the other heads of the human nations were in agreement that an alliance against the orcish invaders was needed, Greymane was hesitant about joining, and was difficult about it.

Greymane complained about the expenses of the keep, though the newly crowned King of Stormwind Varian Wrynn pointed out that a price couldn't be put on something as essential as their safety.

After the betrayal of Aiden Perenolde, the ruler or Alterac, was revealed, Greymane had his eye on ruling the now-leaderless kingdom, even though he had no right to it.

He supported the claim of Lord Perenolde's nephew, Isiden, to Alterac's throne.

Greymane almost fought with Admiral Daelin Proudmoore over the issue.

During the Second War, Greymane met with the other human leaders at Capital City to hear of Stormwind's fall at the hands of the orcish Horde.

Greymane joined the other human leaders in forming the Alliance of Lordaeron to counter the Horde threat, but due to his pride, he offered only token support.

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Greymane agreed and was confident that Crowley would understand his reasoning.Genn Greymane is the son of Archibald Greymane, the Gilnean king who lead Gilneas into its industrial age.