Wwe dating game

06-Nov-2019 08:59

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Listen up, you money grabbing, big breasted, skanky slut! And now you think you’re gonna get ahold of my man, Rodney Mack. Now this is the part where I guess we end the show with a big kiss. Our lovely bachelorette will be the lovely and talented Nidia. From the movies (Charlies Angels, The Hulk) to TV (That 70’s Show) to music (who hasn’t done a remake of a 70’s hit) – it’s as if all old is new again.

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I’m sure he and his “peeps” will be glad to take you out!

Sable, you and your lucky date, and with you, I’m sure they will get lucky, will be on a three day, all expense paid trip to Des Moines, Iowa!

Y2J: It was originally, but Triple H saw the trip and decided he wanted that for him and Stephanie instead.

Who will you choose to join you in a steamy embrace?

WWE Dating Game (A Parody) – July 12, 2003 A big thing going on today in the entertainment industry is the revival of all things 70’s. Austin jumps up and runs over to Rico, giving him a stunner on the stage floor. Y2J: So, I guess the winner, by default is Smackdown’s own John Cena!

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