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We will feature ten ads from women, and ten ads from men. I am mature for my age and tired of the childish boys I always seem to meet. im not like the girls you know i wont talk u to death, get mad because u mess up my hair or because u dont buy me shit.

These ads are brought to you in part by 502(Got Love? I am looking for someone who is serious about themselves and a relationship. im laid back, not afraid to get dirty, and i can change the oil in my car without assistance.

My interest vary, I like outdoors stuff but I also have a nerd side.

I am looking for a woman that can is honest, intelligent, sweet, has a pretty face. Even though I want a woman who can be sweet, I do like a girl with a bitch side, thats it sexy.

If you want to tell me a little about yourself, ask me something 3.) I recently got out of a relationship that ended very badly and continues to upset me.

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I am intelligent, brutally honest, good sense of humor, and responsible.

9.) online dating sites clasified Don't let the posting title fool you. I have particular types of people that I find attractive. Just because I am a big girl doesn't mean I like fat guys. However, all of your teeth and hair on your head is a very good thing too. So with all that being typed, email me if you are interested. 10.) The last featured Alabama online dating sites female classified. I'm looking for someone to share life with, share good times, share experiences, share laughter -- you get the idea.

Well not really sure how to start this, but here we go . I'm an educated, professional, career focused, mature woman wanting to share joys with someone special.

7.) online dating sites classified: I'm looking to reenter the dating game, and am looking for something serious, though it doesn't need to end with a ring.

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As seductive as married men can be, you need not reply.

We average out at 100,000 new online dating profiles added each and every day! I do have pics and will send them in exchange for yours. I like to just sit and watch the stars on a really clear, cool night. I'm not sure what I'm looking for, but I do know I have just a few qualifactions.... 5.) Alabama online dating sites classified: I'm looking for a guy who knows how to be a guy but also knows how to be sensitive to his girl. I am a big debater so I hope that doesn't bother you. If your still interested in this 20 something girl, 6.) dating classified: lets hang out n see where it goes.