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26-Aug-2020 05:04

I think back to the time when I first started scraping by, spending my own money on affiliate campaigns.

Back then, I knew how to be persuasive, but I didn’t have much experience.

Four years is, coincidentally, same amount of time it took me to earn my degree in Computer Science.

That was an undergraduate degree, not a masters or a doctorate.

The first several weeks were painful—I spent more money than I was making, a common plight in online advertising. I’d figured out the right combination of ad targeting and ad creative. To tell you the truth, my best-performing dating advertisements make me cringe when I see them today.

It’s not my finest moment, as a copywriter or as a man.

I’m a rare example of a media buyer who’s managed millions of dollars in self-funded ad spend.I wrote software that enabled me to post ads faster than any human could create them within the Facebook interface.