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20-Apr-2020 19:58

Xml Reader Settings object to create multiple readers with the same functionality, or modify the System. Xml Reader Settings object to create a new reader with a different set of features. Xml Reader Settings object, default settings are used. Xml Reader throws an Xml Exception on XML parse errors.(Disabled by default.)Enable or disable checks for the following: - Characters are within the range of legal XML characters, as defined by the 2.2 Characters section of the W3C XML 1.0 Recommendation.- All XML names are valid, as defined by the 2.3 Common Syntactic Constructs section of the W3C XML 1.0 Recommendation.Public Async Function Test Reader(stream As System. Stream) As Task Dim settings As New Xml Reader Settings() settings. A warning is typically issued when there is no DTD or XML Schema to validate a particular element or attribute against.

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Skip non-content nodes and move to the next content node or to the end of the file.

The current node is the XML node on which the XML reader is currently positioned.