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18-Dec-2019 15:34

Its Movexxx methods let you traverse through a document. This wrapper has a class for almost every interface. The Xml Writer and Xml Node Writer classes come from the Xml Writer class. (I'll discuss XSLT in more detail later in this article.) The Xml Transform class implements XSLT.

Associated with these classes are some more powerful classes for working with XML.

As their node imply, Xml Text Reader is for reading text XML documents, Xml Node Reader is for reading XML DOM trees, and Xmlvalidating Reader can validate data using DTDs or schemas.

This reader also expands general entities and supports default attributes.

Xml writer is an abstract base class that defines functionality to write XML.

It implements methods and properties to write XML contents.The Read method starts reading the document from the root node and continues until Read returns false, which indicates there is no node left to read in the document. you can even get the level of the node by using the Depth property, as shown in this example: Which defines the type of a node. For example if the next node of the current node is Dxl Declaration, or Document Type, it will skip these nodes until it finds a content type node.