Yahoo weather widget not updating

23-May-2020 12:15

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You can register your plugin in the ‘Settings’ - your plugin before the update can take place. I am also willing to help with small layout issues like responsive design sizing help or colors, however, bigger theme changes are not included in your one-time payment.

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Shortcode: [awesome-weather id="awe_1" override_title="Material" owm_city_id="5391811" location="San Diego" size="material" forecast_days="5" show_icons="1" background_by_weather="1" extended_text="Size: Material" ajax="1" use_user_location="1" allow_user_to_change="1"] Shortcode: [awesome-weather id="awe_2" override_title="Micro" owm_city_id="5391811" location="San Diego" size="micro" forecast_days="3" show_icons="1" background_by_weather="1" extended_text="Size: Micro" ajax="1" use_user_location="1" allow_user_to_change="1"] Shortcode: [awesome-weather id="awe_3" override_title="Showcase" owm_city_id="5391811" location="San Diego" size="showcase" forecast_days="3" show_icons="1" background_by_weather="1" extended_text="Size: Showcase" ajax="1" use_user_location="1" allow_user_to_change="1"] Shortcode: [awesome-weather id="awe_4" override_title="Boxed" owm_city_id="5391811" location="San Diego" size="boxed" forecast_days="4" show_icons="1" background_by_weather="1" extended_text="Size: Boxed" ajax="1" use_user_location="1" allow_user_to_change="1"] Shortcode: [awesome-weather id="awe_5" override_title="Long" owm_city_id="5391811" location="San Diego" size="long" forecast_days="5" show_icons="1" background_by_weather="1" extended_text="Size: Long" ajax="1" use_user_location="1" allow_user_to_change="1"] Shortcode: [awesome-weather id="awe_6" override_title="Wide" owm_city_id="5391811" location="San Diego" size="wide" custom_bg_color="#fff" show_icons="1" background_by_weather="1" extended_text="Size: Wide" ajax="1" use_user_location="1" allow_user_to_change="1"] Shortcode: [awesome-weather id="awe_7" override_title="Tall" owm_city_id="5391811" location="San Diego" size="tall" forecast_days="5" show_icons="1" background_by_weather="1" extended_text="Size: Tall" ajax="1" use_user_location="1" allow_user_to_change="1"] The Awesome Weather Widget is beautiful right out of the box.

It has great features like custom background images and multiple layouts to fit your site.

I just upgraded to v.3.3.1 yesterday, and everything was fine.

I woke up this morning to find a blank weather widget.

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You have to drag it out using “Customize Toolbar” and click it, which prompts a purple toolbar to drop from below the Bookmarks Bar, instructing you to select a resizable portion of the current web page.Up until 5-11-16, the Yahoo weather widget worked in Windows 10 just fine. That weather widget went out of commission at the same time on other Windows 10 computers, too.

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