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31-Oct-2020 12:59

I also love how KJH acts he had this natural expressions when he laughs , cries , smile and gets angry.. I immediately searched Kang Ji Hwan because I admire him so with Yoon Eun Hye. I realize more things needed to be cared of and I love my husband more after this drama. He is not a millionaire like the character you acted but he has done everything just to be with me, even we were thousand miles apart and when it has come to his important life choices. You have grown in the sense of both maturity and in acting. good acting skills, handsome, funny when u want to be funny, i cried with you & han hye jin in be strong geum soon; i'll surely miss watching this long drama! I HAVE A SUIT (JACKET PANT) THAT WAS WORN BY KANG JI HWAN DURING THE LOTTE DUTY FREE ADVERTISMENT PHOTOSHOOT TO SELL.

HOPE THEY ARE REAL LOVERS ANY UPDATE GUYSS lie to me is the best drama plus kang ji hwan and yoon eun hye ….handsome and pretty…got our attention…i keep watching and watching this drama…watching this make us feel inlove ,laugth ang cry but all in all nice story all the salute to miss scriptwriter and to director…job …movie movie again. Your fan Tenzin you're loveable actor; u never ceased to amaze me! Hope you more famous and got halyu : P I really loved him on Coffee House.!! It was a little bit dragging but the ending was really lovely... Hoping to see more of him on small/big screen this 2011!!!

Haiz,,i love you so much Kang ji hwan,, your such a cute guy,, this is the first time id like one of the Korean actor,, you know i already finished all your movies, & drama ,, your a good singer too...especially when you sing (We are the reason), Hope one day i personally meet you, More Blessings to come into your life.. hope to see you soon in Korea,, Sorry guys, but the plot was for teen agers..."Lie to Me"'s pool of writers did injustice to the cast--they made the adults act as if they were teen-agers..first few chapters were nice but the ending was a disaster!

They acting is very natural that's why i'm always carried away with the story.

drama airing here in the philippines,i hope someday you visit our country. *mwaaah* oh my god ,i wish and i might that maybe "lie to me" have part 2 because probably this movie is one of the greatest work of bolywood ..............................i hope its have part 2 ..........................thank you Hi, Mr. ^_^ Hopefully, there will be Lie to me Part 2, part 3, and so on which is tell about your marriage life.

Didn't know that these were out here and don't even remember how I stumbled across these. Gave me an opportunity to see another's culture too and also to realize this is a small word in some principles. I hope you and yoon eun hye have a romantic relationship in the real life.. I really love your acting and hers in that drama, it's so romantic. i just wish i can be by your side but well itwill never happen so be with yoon eun hye. So far, I’ve seen, Rough Cut, My Girlfriend is an Agent, Save the Last Dance for Me, and Be Strong, Geum-soon!