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— paul (@firalaind) May 1, 2018 This is childish and misinformed.Next time actually listen instead of just sitting in your hurt feelings and retweeting any woman/person of color who will cape for you.— ROU Do Not Congratulate (@braak) May 1, 2018 Man, I was really hoping you weren’t “that” guy.You’d benefit from listening more and “leading meaningful conversations” less.So when I was told that I can’t lead a meaningful conversation about either sexism or racism because of my gender and the color of my skin, I believe that to be be both sexist and racist. I have dedicated what platform and privilege I have been blessed with to try and break down barriers between all peoples. To help those that feel less than to know the beauty of their true worth. I’m sorry if that’s your take away of my character, as that certainly isn’t my intention.

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To bring people together to discuss things that I don’t profess to be an authority on, but rather learn while hoping to maintain civility and accord between various parties in an attempt to find common ground and peace. I try and use social media as a platform for peace, love, empathy, encouragement, inspiration, truth, acceptance, knowledge, and perhaps the greatest balm of all, humor. In some of your minds, I have done just that tonight.Zac was talking about something similar when he said that people wouldn’t behave the same way in person and it made me think…